Android Application Development Training Institute in Surat

In this Mobile Revolution era most of smart devices used ANDROID technology. Recent times there is a huge requirement for highly quality skills android developer for the increasing demand in mobile usage.

Android is a mobile operating system based from GOOGLE, its used in the most of the smartphones and tablet. Android operating system relates to java.

Android is open source platform called AOSP. Many smartphones companies like Mi, Samsung, Motorola, Lenovo, nokia, HTC, vivo, oppo, using operating system ANDROID operating system. In recent times Android operating system run in more than one billion devices world widely.

Android is open source software based on Linux which is open source software which can be developed by anyone, and widely adopted open source project.

In the digital India initiatives there is demand in ANDROID DEVELOPER increasing rapidly with the rapidly growing business in e-commerce industry, now day’s all the ecommerce business has application based on android, and many more application added on day to day, like flipkart, amazon, cab giant uber and many more app-based business-built application.

Android developer create effective and beautiful mobile application for particular respective organization on the android platform.

According to there is scarcity of highly skillful Android Developer in 2020. Android is world’s most popular and leading operating system. India is the second largest user of active smart mobile phone in the world. 71% percent of current population in India uses smart mobile phones.

The Android operating system including varied JAVA Applications, java libraries and object-oriented application framework concept.

For the huge demand of skillful android developer Creative Design and Multimedia Institute design Advanced Android Development course which include latest programming-based learning approach

Android Studio- is Integrated Development Environment for use of Android app development it offers to build flexible gradle based system, instant change without building new APK.

MySQL database- Android gives feature of RDBMS for app to store data

JAVA- for develop android application

SQLITE- is programming library that implement RDBMS

PHP Web Services- for read data from MySQL database php web services comes for use.


C++ programming

  •   Job Opportunities
  • Android Application Developer
  • iOS Application Developer
  • Java Developer
  •   Course Duration
  • 4 Months
  • Mon to Sat (2 Hours/Day)



  •   Which Topics you Learn in this Course?
  • Photoshop
  • Advance C Language
  • C++ Concepts
  • Java Concept
  • MySQL Database
  • SQLite Database
  • Android Studio
  • Web Services (PHP)
  •   Why Take This Course?
  • Become an iOS Developer
  • Become an Android Application Developer

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