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Web development is known as website development.

The usage of internet is broadly, there are more than 2.0 billion websites online with thousand more added on day to day and also 5 million blogs live and added on rapidly increasingly.

Web development is broadly term related to building or maintaining the website, it includes web programming, web publishing and database connectivity and management. Which include many programming language, framework and tools which used for website development.

web development fundamentally deals with coding and writing markup.

Nowadays usage of internet spread broadly thus becomes the demand of highly skilled and quality web-developer has been increasingly rapidly.

Web development has two divisions, Front end Development that’s also called client-side web development and back-end web development that’s called server-side web development.

Client-side web development entails to create website which what users sees when they load web application, the design, and content. Server-side web development controls how to looking after scene of web application n, back end development uses many different coding language and framework.

Web developer involved in designing web sites as well as write web scripts in language like PHP, ASP, and different type of scripting languages.

Scope of web developer increasingly on day on day basis they found working in large corporation and governments, small and medium scale industries and also one who can work as an independent based on freelancing work. It may work for one corporation as a full-time employee or may work as an independent consultant or as a contract from some hiring companies.

in 21th century Facebook, Google, Yahoo, amazon, flipkart, are best example of creative web development.

According to PAYSCALE.COM             median annual pay for web developer is Rs. 3 lacs in India which increase based on experience and knowledge.

Web developer needs high skills, fairly knowledge, and creative thinking approach to develop user friendly websites.

Creative Design and Multimedia Institute design industry standard course which include,

Advanced PHP, - which begins in 1995 and still become the most popular programming language for web applications.

JavaScript – abbreviated as JS is a high level interpreted programming language, along side HTML and CSS JavaScript is essential part of web applications.

jQuery - is a cross platform library, design to simplify front end scripting of HTML.

JSON – (Java Script Object Notation) – is a lightweight data interchange format, it is to read and write data to transmit.

CodeIgniter- is a powerful open source PHP framework with very small footprint, which built for developers who need simple toolkit to create full featured web applications.

Laravel- is open source PHP framework to assist full featured web sites.

WordPress- is open source content management system based on PHP any MySQL. Usable for plugin architecture and template system.

HTML (Hypertext markup language)- is a standard markup language for crating web pages and web applications.

CSS3 (Cascading style sheets)- is used for describing the presentation of a document written in a markup language.

Bootstrap- is open source front end framework library which uses of designing web applications and web sites.

  •   Job Opportunities
  • Web Developer
  • PHP Developer
  • CodeIgniter Developer
  • Laravel Developer
  •   Course Duration
  • 6 Montths
  • Mon to Sat (2 Hours/Day)



  •   Which Topics you Learn in this Course?
  • C & C++ Concept.
  • SQL Concept.
  • PHP.
  • JavaScript.
  • JQuery.
  • Ajax.
  • Json.
  • WordPress.
  • CodeIgniter.
  • SEO.
  • Hosting.
  •   Why Take This Course?
  • To Become Website Developer

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